Saylor is 6 months!

It took me a span of over a week to get these taken. With Saylor just starting to sit up, she got tired VERY quickly so we took these in short increments. By the last set of shots, she was sitting like a champ! It’s amazing how fast things change like that…..there are days when I go to pick her up out of her crib in the morning and I know that something about her is different….she had literally changed overnight!! I love seeing her personality unfolding and trying to picture who this little 6 month old will grow into.
I still have one big outdoor shot idea in mind for her 6 month big wall picture but I have to wait for a day that preferably gets over 20 degrees!! It has definitely be a crazy weather year (not that any other year in Colorado is much different I guess).
2015 has been a blessed year for me, and our family. The addition of Saylor has been amazing!!! I am grateful for all the wonderful clients, both returning and new ones I have had this year but can say I’m excited for a bit of a break to spend some MUCH needed days just snuggling my girls! I have a bit of guilt feeling like I’ve missed out on absorbing all the little changes Saylor has gone through like I did with Charleigh but I guess that is also part of having more than one child now.
As we say goodbye to 2015, I hope that everyone can look back and see some blessings or good moments, even if it perhaps wasn’t an all around great year. See you in 2016!!!!!!!











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