Always a Good Time…

Any time that I get my family to pose for pictures, we have a good time.  This was my baby sis and her fiance “Wee-wee” (as my nephew calls him).  It was a dark overcast day which gave me a chance to find some new spots.  My sister is typically my guinea pig for finding new locations so we drove around in the country and to two small towns to find some fun spots.  They were a blast as usual, willing to do whatever I thought of, however dorky it might have been!!
I really need to drag Brad out for some shots soon!!  Oh how he loves to hear me say that!

Kayla - I love these! Especially those in the road! They are so fun and you can see how much they love each other!

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Sweet Family…

This sweet family braved the cold and light rain on Saturday.  What troopers!!!  The camera just loved those kiddos, talk about photogenic.  Little “J” knew just what to do when I called her name and “N” was so easy going and willing to do whatever I asked him to do.  I think his favorite thing was holding Little “J” though.  So precious!!!
Thanks “J” Family, you guys were awesome!!!


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Digital scrapbooking is actually what got me into photography.  I have been so focused on photography lately that I haven’t posted any digi-pages for quite some time.  So I felt the need to share some of my faves over the past few months.

I have 2 sessions lined up for this weekend but the local news is not telling me what I want to hear as far as the weather goes.  I’m soooo not ready for cold weather.

Here are some of my faves:

Laura - Same here with scrapping turning into photography! I’m finally getting noticed and getting more work which is fun! I had a shoot today with 2 little girls, 2 and 4 yrs and gosh how on earth do you get them to look at the same time? I managed a few that I love but it was so difficult! The 4 yr old was very cooperative but the 2 yr old was not into it. It was also incredibly windy, the leaves the mom wanted pics in were dead, it was cold.. you get the picture! I was wondering if you use any actions on your pics? I am an action snob. I have so many but use the same few over and over. I also can’t believe it took me so long to use RAW. My life has changed since then!

I don’t comment often but I LOVE your work and visit at least once a month your blog 😉

Here’s some pics of my babies together: (I’m coming around to liking this muted action)

and can’t resist sharing my new fav of Zoë

If you have any suggestions, I’m very open! My email is


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3 and 2…

These two gave me a good workout, I can’t imagine how exhausted the parents must be having two little boys so close in age.  Although, I’m sure it is totally worth it!!  It’s always fun for me when I win the kids over by the end of the session.  Most times, the kids are pretty unsure of me at first.  I seem to have that effect on most people…..haha.

It was a challenge for me with the sun poking in and out of the clouds.  Every time the sun went behind the clouds, I had to find a different spot.  I wish I could always know exactly what this dang Colorado weather was going to do!!!

Thanks B & H, your kids were adorable!!


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Because I love ’em….

I haven’t posted many pictures of the boys lately.  Between playing sports 5 nights during the week, photo sessions on the weekends and the sun setting earlier and earlier, I’ve just put it off.  So Saturday, with nothing to do (and believe me, that felt GREAT), I decided to take the boys on a walk around the park and bring along my camera.  I took a few shots which were okay but I got one that I have to say could be my new favorite.  I love that feeling!!  On top of that, I convinced Brad to get a picture of the boys with me in it, woohoo!!  Considering how sweaty I was (since I’d just gotten home from jogging), I was happy that it turned out! 🙂

Here they are, my two terrors that I love with all my heart!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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