My Valentine…

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Typically, every year Brad will ask if I want something.  My reply is always the same, “no.”  I can tell he has his doubts if I’m telling the truth but I can honestly say I am.  Maybe it’s because I already know he loves me, I really do know that.  I suppose that he is probably a lot more open about how he feels than other guys.  It could be partly because I pick and pick at him until he opens up if I can tell something is on his mind.  But regardless, I have no doubts about his love.

For me, I guess it’s about the little things he does on any other day that doesn’t remind him to love me.  For instance, on occassion he will wake up and hug me extra tight before he gets ready for work in the morning.  I might doze back off and wake up and realize that he’s been watching me sleep for the past few minutes.  Then he’ll proceed to tell me that he had a horrible dream that I died.  I can see by the look on his face that he truly loves me.

Then there are other times when he’ll call me from work and tell much how much he loves me.  He’ll tell me how he had been listening to a song that reminded him of us.  For all I know, it could be some crazy song but I tend to get the impression that it was a good ole’ country love song. 🙂

He tells me he loves me before he leaves for work every morning as I’m getting ready, even after an argument.  He tells me that he says it because he’s afraid that the day he’s upset at me and doesn’t say it, something might happen to me.  Those are the kinds of things he thinks about.

I try to be the best wife that I can be, every day of the year, and I know that he does the same thing for me.  On occassion, he’ll ask me if he’s a good husband.  How can I say no??  He’s not perfect, but no one is. 

I can’t put my finger on exactly what I love most about this man.  There are so many things.  I love his beautiful blue eyes, his humbleness, his generosity, his ability to forgive, every crease on his face when he smiles, his quiet side, his ornery side, his love for cars, his determination to always try a little harder, he’s always the bigger person, he thinks about other people above himself, his sweet side, his rough hands, everything about him.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d embarrass him a little by writing this all down so that hopefully, everyone who reads this will know how great of a man he is.  Because being who he is, he would never say that about himself. 🙂

I love you sweetheart, Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Love you,





mindyyoungphotograph - That is so funny I am exactly the same way with Valentines day. My hubby thinks I am like tricking him. Ha..Ha.. Thanks for the blog love. You work is great! Love it! I will be back more~ 🙂

bev - A lovely and lasting tribute! Your work is gorgeous!

Alissa - Great photos and tribute to your sweetheart – I wish mine would let me take his picture! =) Thanks for stopping by my blog; I love your work!

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