Mr. & Mrs. Wilf “I”

They did it!!!  My baby sis is a married woman!!  Since I was a matron of honor, I didn’t get to be the main photographer but I did manage to pull them aside to pose for one quick picture together and then of course, we had some fun with our family (like usual). 
The wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we are so happy to have Wil as part of our family.  Heather was so beautiful, luv u sis!! 🙂

Here are just a few pics from the wedding before I put down the camera and got on the dance floor! 🙂


The Happy Couple!!!

IMG_4312 (4x6)

Grandma and Noah

IMG_4251 (4x6)

Doesn’t Noah look so grown up?

IMG_4257 (4x6)

IMG_4268 (4x6)
IMG_4283 (4x6)

Me and my stylish little bro.

IMG_4301 (4x6)

My sister and brother-in-law, don’t they have the best smiles!?!?!!

IMG_4304 (4x6)

A quick family shot…

IMG_4322 (4x6)

Dad & Mom looking amazing!!

IMG_4329 (4x6)

The siblings…

IMG_4335 (4x6)

Striking a serious pose…

IMG_4336 (4x6)

The real us…

IMG_4337 (4x6)

The whole crew, now we just need to find Tracy a woman…

IMG_4338 (4x6)


IMG_4342 (4x6)

Just for fun…

IMG_4349 (4x6)

Looking oh so handsome…

IMG_4356 (4x6)

I had to beg for a quick shot of us, thanks “D!!” 

IMG_4359 (4x6)

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