He’s Growing Up….

faster and faster every time that I see him (which is pretty often)!  It continually amazes me how much he changes in just a matter of weeks, even days!!  Full of character and personality even since he was tiny, it just gets more entertaining as he gets bigger.  He let me go crazy with his hair and then we bundled him up to have some fun taking pictures. 🙂  We started in the front yard, then we went in the garage where Noah was super excited to take a picture with Uncle Brad in the “red truck” as Noah says.  Then we went down to the park in the wagon and saw some horses.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the horses came over to check Brad and Noah out.  It made for a fun vintage shot!!










brad - I love them pics babe

Jen - I love this last pic in front of the fence. Well actually I love them all, but this one is without him hamming it up so much. Whose kid is this anyway. Thanks for taking these.

paula hickson - these are awesome, what a cutie!!

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