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Still playing a little catch up but things are finally going to start slowing down hopefully for the holidays (whew)!  I am SUPER excited to have a few weeks off from UNC to relax and get the final boxes at the new house unpacked.  I look forward to vacation days sooo much but usually end up bored out of my mind in a few days so I’m sure I’ll be happy to come back again in early January!  Yes, I’m weird!

On Thursday, I’m going down to a dental office in Denver (Clear Choice) that advertises new teeth in one day!  I’m hoping that they can get an implant in asap and they won’t charge an arm and a leg in the process. 🙂  The temporary retainer I have in right now is so annoying and though I’m staying positive, can make me a little self-concious on occasion! 🙂  Anyone had any experience with this type of all-in-one procedure?

Here are a few that I’ve been meaning to post for a few weeks of the family; my parents, my nephew and some outtakes from our 5 minute session for a Christmas Card picture.

I hope that everyone is having a great December so far as we head towards Christmas!

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IMG_7645 (5x7)

Noah has the most expressive eyebrows.  I caught this one right as they were going back down.  I must’ve said something funny.

IMG_7650 (4x6)
IMG_7673 (4x6)
IMG_7681 star (4x6)
IMG_7944 (5x7)
IMG_7955 (4x6)
IMG_8287 (5x7)

My mom and her 3 sisters.  They wanted to take a picture in black & white similar to one that they had taken when they were little.  Couldn’t resist a color edit. 🙂

IMG_8384 memory

Holly - Audrey – these are all so so GORGEOUS – I can’t believe how much your nephew has grown – I remember him as a little baby – but he’s still a CUTIE!!

Michelle Kane - Merry Christmas, Audrey! Love the images and the last one is super sweet.

kimberly - That last one makes me smile. I can just see four little girls in their happy faces. And i always love seeing you (and your honeys) on the other side of the lens!

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