And then she turned 7…

I remember crying when Charleigh turned two, thinking that my favorite ages were behind us. Granted, I still miss her being a baby but there has been so much pure joy seeing her as she continues to grow more and more into this amazing little human at every single stage. Thinking back, I analyzed every little thing she did as a baby, wondering what that little glimpse of her personality would unfold into as she grew up and now I get to finally see this awesome little 7 year old making her own choices, being the goofball at home and the surprisingly shy girl when put in the spotlight. I am so in awe of her ability to recognize and see a need in others and always choosing the right no matter how tempting the wrong might be. She is so much fun and I laugh at the day I didn’t think I wanted kids. She continues to mold me into a better person just by who she is and I love this little 7 year old with all my heart.









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