52 Project. Week 13

This week’s challenge was F16.

F16 is shooting at a small aperture with the lens not as wide which allows less light in but more of the picture to be in focus.  And this week was a challenge!!  I have really been wanting to find a good location to take some silouette shots but I haven’t found anywhere inspiring.  But there was this one spot I’d been considering off and on.  But this tiny location is FULL of stickers and tall dry ugly weeds so to get here, I had to carry Cody quite a ways, jump over a small muddy pool of water, hike up a dirt hill with him in my arms and try to knock down a bunch of those weeds once we got to the top.  Once he was in place, I had to try to climb back down a bit, find somewhere to get some footing on the lose dirt all while carrying my camera!  And of course…..let’s not forget the wind howling around us!  A few close calls and slips but no major accidents. Cody was such a trooper, I can’t begin to describe how much of a bond I have w/ this dog.  Even though I had placed his ball to one side (trying to get a profile shot or two), he had a hard time looking away from me.  And though he whimpered and whined, he sat there as long as I asked.  I love that even when he’s uncomfortable, he trusts what I ask him to do.  All in all, totally worth it for these few shots of him.


Leah - Love these shots Audrey! I also love how seriously you take these projects and push yourself each time. Now if only it would inspire me to do the same!

Stacey - Gorgeous sillouettes!

vikki - <3 your doggy photos. 🙂

Michelle Kane - These are awesome, Audrey! I love the composition and the little rim of light around him. You are so impressive!!!

Jen Graber Photography - These are so cool! I love how much you love your dog…it is so sweet! The bit of sunflare just really makes this shot!

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