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Sweet little girl right here and I love informing new parents how awesome their little one is doing! Big congratulations to Dayne and Carlye, I hope she’s letting you get some sleep these days! But if not, she is totally worth every sleepless night! Our Schaeffer family just keeps growing!!!!!!

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Triston .

Triston has been keeping me on my toes since I believe his one year session. But the roles have reversed…..this time, it was him keeping me laughing instead of me trying to be goofy. Oh, how things change and how fast these kids grow.

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Paisley . The Big One

Feeling like a chicken with my head cut off these days, so behind on posting sessions! Little Miss Paisley, my adorable niece, is one! Tick tock Heather, isn’t it about that time for another baby announcement? LOL Happy very belated birthday pretty girl!!! Love you.

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Sweet sweet Maya, an angel from beginning to end. If she does have a good pair of screaming lungs, I haven’t heard them. 🙂 She was definitely pulling at my mommy heartstrings. Congratulations to Aimee & Colleen!

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