Monthly Archives: February 2017

Mom and her little crew

What a beautiful, sweet family! I had such a great time photographing this easy bunch and love that mom still schedules pictures, even though hubby wasn’t able to come. Thank you Stori for letting me meet your 3 awesome kiddos and capturing a few happy moments in your life!!!

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RyAnn Rylie & Reed

Now that RyAnn and Rylie have gotten older and absolutely ROCK being in front of the camera, I can look back and laugh at years past when we had a hard time even getting them to look my way. But that Reed-o takes the cake on stubborn and it took ALL we could think of […]

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The Schell Family

You know you don’t live in the “big city” when you end up photographing someone who knows someone who knows your husband. 🙂 I wouldn’t want to live anywhere bigger! 🙂 Such a great family and when the kiddos need a little help on their natural smile, a little tickling from dad and mom never […]

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S e a r c h   B l o g
R e c e n t   P o s t s