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Bored is Good…

When things get a little slow, it’s always a good reminder that I need to put aside time to take pictures for myself.  I’ve been enjoying playing with my macro lens and bribing the dogs into letting me take pictures of them in a variety of different lighting.  They’re such good sports!  I don’t give them treats […]

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Alissa - Beautiful images and light! It’s crazy, but a girl I knew in highschool found me through Facebook, and apparently just had you take her pictures!! Such a small world. I was like, “Yea, we’ve been on each other’s blogs lately!!” lol. Anyway, cute puppies and have a great week!

My Valentine…

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Typically, every year Brad will ask if I want something.  My reply is always the same, “no.”  I can tell he has his doubts if I’m telling the truth but I can honestly say I am.  Maybe it’s because I already know he loves me, I […]

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mindyyoungphotograph - That is so funny I am exactly the same way with Valentines day. My hubby thinks I am like tricking him. Ha..Ha.. Thanks for the blog love. You work is great! Love it! I will be back more~ 🙂

bev - A lovely and lasting tribute! Your work is gorgeous!

Alissa - Great photos and tribute to your sweetheart – I wish mine would let me take his picture! =) Thanks for stopping by my blog; I love your work!

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!  Just got a little time to throw the ball (okay, balls) with the dogs last night and tried to get a few shots that were in semi-focus.  My “mom” goggles are probably on for this but it’s sooooo typical Cody and Rudy in action. 🙂 I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!  […]

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Darren - Sensational Captures – the lighting in these is simply beautiful congrats !

My Beautiful Sister…

I had to post these as it is VERY rare that my sister lets me take pictures of her (aside from family shots).  She is always saying she doesn’t take good pictures which drives me crazy because she is gorgeous!!  She let me take a few pictures of just her while we were in the […]

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Alissa - Beautiful images – she is stunning!

Heidi K - These are all beautiful, but that second is really lovely! Great job.

Noah the nephew…..yet again!!

The last pictures I posted were just some shots that I took while I was babysitting him one afternoon.  This weekend was his actual “shoot.”  It seems like every time we plan a session, we end up with a grumpy little boy or major allergies.  So I wasn’t surprised when I saw his watery eyes, […]

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Marinda - Audrey…once again awesome job….he is so cute. Remids me of my lil man bubba. he’s adorable.

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