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Isn’t She Beautiful!!!

This is one of my closest friends, we grew up together like family!!  Growing up, we were both devastated when we found out we were only friends, not cousins.  HAHA.  Oh the stories we could tell….. Now I have had the pleasure of taking maternity pictures for her TWICE!!  Yep, this is baby number 2 […]

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Almost 3 Years Old….

and oh so cute!!  Meet Ben, he was so much fun.  He couldn’t stop jumping around, not sure if he was having that much fun too or if he was just trying to stay warm.   HAHA, love it!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  I’m trying to get myself pumped up mentally to […]

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Sharing the Love…

Has anybody ever seen the movie, “Pay It Forward?”  I love the whole idea of that movie and lately, with all the bad economic news and depressing stories of families struggling to make ends meet, I feel a need to help.  Now I know it’s not much for a family that is having a hard […]

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Kiddos Everywhere…

4 years, 2 years, and 5 months, Dad & Mom definitely have their hands full!   Aren’t they just the most adorable family though and ohhhhhh… much fun too.  I was expecting it to be much more difficult trying to get 3 children so young to cooperate but everything went so smoothly, LOVE IT!!  This family […]

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Shabby Miss Jenn - OH WOW Audrey! Those are AMAZING!!!!!

Jodi - Wow Audrey…your work is so incredible!! It’s been so much fun watching your style grow and change! We’ll be booking you the next time we’re in Colorado!! 🙂

Kayla - OMG that baby’s smile melts my heart!

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