Tyce . One Year

It just doesn’t get any cuter! It always makes me smile watching little “ones” react to my camera at the beginning of the session. There is usually an opposite effect from their normal personality so smiling babies are stone-faced and the ones that parents are unsure about will be all smiles. It’s always entertaining!! Tyce wasn’t sure about me to start and didn’t even try to make a break for it but by the end, he was on the go and enjoying all the freedom!
Babies just make life fun! Happy very belated one year Tyce!









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Charleigh – High 5

I’ve secretly dreaded seeing Charleigh turn 5. In my mind, it’s the year of having to let go and even though I know it’s something every parent has to do, I’m not mentally ready to do it. It’s the year of starting school, the real 5 days a week for 8 hours kinda school, and that scares me. It scares me because I know how important it is for her to find good friends who have a good heart, who will have so much influence on who she matures into over the years. It scares me because I know how hard it is being in school, struggling to find a place you fit, where there are clicks and gossip and hate and heartbreak. Stuff that as a mom, I never want to have to see her go through. I wish I could keep her this little and innocent and happy forever. I hope she never loses who she is in the middle of it all; her genuine heart for others, her non-stop chatter, her rule following, awesome dancing, sassy, sweeter than sugar, cowboy boot wearing, tough girl in girly-girl dresses little self. She is my sunshine.











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Norah, Levi & Wyatt

I love photographing children, getting a little peek into their personalities and letting them just be themselves. It also gives me a preview of the chaos that no doubt mom gets to be blessed with each day. I think Stacie and I were both grateful for the unphotographed 2 older siblings this go-round who helped wrangle up the littles. You are all blessings, crazy awesome energetic blessings!









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2017 E.E.C. Contest . Audrey Litfin Photography

I had the 2013 E.E.C. Contest entries show up as a memory in facebook yesterday and had such a great time looking through them that I decided to offer the contest again!! The E.E.C. Contest…..or stretched out, it’s the Emotion . Expression . Connection Contest. 🙂 The winner will receive a free mini session with ALP which will include 5 free full resolution digital files ($375.00 value)!! To participate, email me a photo with either emotion, expression or connection (have fun with it). The photo with the most votes will receive the free mini session! Here are the details:

1. Contestants must be fans on my Audrey Litfin Photography Facebook page
2. Email your photo to audrey@audreylitfin.com with subject line E.E.C. Contest.
3. Make sure you tag people and spread the word to get more votes!

* No professional photos. Only one photo will be accepted per person. The submission must be for your own family.

* Contest starts NOW and ends April 13th at 4:00 PM. Winner will be announced April 15th.

* Get your photos in early so family/friends can vote. This is a fun contest, any negative comments will be immediately deleted.

* Facebook – I will upload your photo to my FB page. Tag yourself and anyone else you want and encourage people to vote! And don’t forget to like your own picture! Make sure that you send people to the picture on my page so likes are counted!! IMPORTANT: If you share the picture on your own page, it becomes a seperate link and the likes won’t show up on the picture from my page!!!!!!! Make sure to send people to my page or try sharing the E.E.C. Contest Album instead!!!!

* Free mini session will take place on the evening of April 27th, weather permitting. Session must take place locally.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Some fun examples of my own……









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